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My grandfather was a photographer in the early days of film camera. He was one of the rare few who understood this new mysterious technology that could freeze time and moments with people. Everyone was in awe of him and was left awestruck with the magic images he produced. He was the first man to set up a film studio and photo studio. He was given the first film camera as a part of the research deal. Very soon he had people queuing up at his door wanting photographs & motion pictures of them. It was a great life back then. He made a fortune and created a string of studios. Many movies and photos of celebrities where shot in our studios.  My dad grew into this business and in fact was the first few of the people who went digital. We had created a museum of sorts on the main studio for all our still functioning manual equipment.  With the turn of the century photography came back into vogue. It was really the best time for us.  People got those old 8mm, 16mm and 35mm films requesting us to change them into digital.


Now I had studied electronics and I could easily assemble such a machine. Within a few days I had created that machine. It took in films from 8mm to 70mm and easily converted them to digital. It was a simple process really to make an 8mm to dvd and offer those photo scanning services.  I myself changed so many home movies to dvd. It was simple as a breeze really and I enjoyed the pleasure it brought to the people. The 16 mm to dvd was one for the most famous offering that we had. So many families could not permanently store videos shot by their forefathers. Many of them came back to thank us for  re-kindling the memories of long lost family members from another time, when the world was a lot more simpler and easy to live in. I was so glad to see so many people had 8mm movies which they wanted to convert to digitals, lest the film wore out. It was absolute pleasures see some old films in their true grainy forms, creating a sense of nostalgia in my heart. It was even more fun to have a look at some of those executive portraits which had people posing with great pride and a brightness that was only second to the sun.


On some days when there were kids queuing up to watch our feature film on tape I would have out chocolates to the kids and watch them enjoy the show. It was a different kind of joy to see little children happy. Our lives often forget the old things that used to make us happy and it’s essential that we go back and reconnect with those things to experience true joy that’s surely not superficial.  I can’t help but stress on the need to preserve key phases of our personal lives and also the things that mattered most to the society.  It’s all captured in the film life. 

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