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Traveling across the world is real fun where you come across different people, cultures and locations that you must visit at least once in a life time.

By: johnyparksonl Travel l June 8, 2017 lViews: 130

France is one of the popular tourist destinations across the world with many attractions that would catch the attention of the visitors.

By: johnyparksonl Travel l June 12, 2017 lViews: 114

Everyone who applies for a visa is familiar that along with their personal details they also need to submit their flight and hotel reservation to confirm their itinerary to get the visa to the destination.

By: johnyparksonl Travel l June 30, 2017 lViews: 131

The Schengen agreement between 26 countries of the European states facilitates the travellers to cross the mutual borders with just a single visa. Those planning to visit any countries in the Schengen area should need to apply to the embassy where they are going to first land or spend most of their time as tourists.

By: johnyparksonl Travel l July 14, 2017 lViews: 1310

Traveling to places is always exciting as it gives you a chance to explore new destinations and meet people from different backgrounds of culture and traditions.

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If you are planning for a European holiday just apply for the Schengen visa that gives you the opportunity to travel across the 26 Schengen countries with a single visa.

By: johnyparksonl Travel l August 29, 2017 lViews: 89