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The term Halal—which literally meals ‘permitted’ or ‘lawful’ in Arabic—is often used to refer to Muslim rules and standards for how food is raised, how it is slaughtered, how it is prepared. 

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Working with spices to come up with the perfect mix and flavor takes skill and expertise. If you lack the experience but you want to whip up a tasty dish in a jiffy, you can turn to ready to use spices to achieve the perfect piquancy that you want.

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Herbs can dramatically change and improve the taste, aroma, and texture of dishes. The right combination of herbs can let you make unique flavours and colours in your dishes, too.

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Malaysian cuisine is not only colorful, delicious, and flavorful—their spices also pack a long list of health benefits.

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A flaky fried chicken rangup might looks simple, yet leceh when we try to cook one. You may found thousands of recipes online for fried chicken, but how many of them giving you perfect flaky and rangup breading? You know the answer XD

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Working with the right herbs supplier is important if you want to ensure the highest-quality products to sell or to use in your dishes.

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Herbs and spices will not only improve the taste and appeal of your dishes—they may help boost your health, energize you, and make you less susceptible to certain medical conditions. 

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Dishes that taste the best inevitably feature herbs, both for the flavour and for health benefits they add to the dish. Mint brings a feeling of freshness to the dish, the luxuriant green and the sharp taste adding great appeal to the dish.  

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The vibrant parsley is commonly used as table garnish, and some cuisines serve parsley to decorate servings and as the finishing touch to an incredible food presentation. 

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Seasonings have made it easier and quicker to make our favorite meals and dishes tastier. They are cost-effective and guaranteed high-quality when purchased from a leading food and seasoning manufacturer in Malaysia.

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