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The term Halal—which literally meals ‘permitted’ or ‘lawful’ in Arabic—is often used to refer to Muslim rules and standards for how food is raised, how it is slaughtered, how it is prepared. 

By: hexafoodl Food l September 15, 2016 lViews: 88

Working with spices to come up with the perfect mix and flavor takes skill and expertise. If you lack the experience but you want to whip up a tasty dish in a jiffy, you can turn to ready to use spices to achieve the perfect piquancy that you want.

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Herbs can dramatically change and improve the taste, aroma, and texture of dishes. The right combination of herbs can let you make unique flavours and colours in your dishes, too.

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Malaysian cuisine is not only colorful, delicious, and flavorful—their spices also pack a long list of health benefits.

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